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By commissioning me, you agree to my Terms of Service. Failing to acknowledge these rules will automatically void the transaction and result in an immediate refund and possible blacklisting of future commission opportunities.

​Commissioners agree to the following:
As the artist:

  • I maintain rights to all work I create in any digital or print form under this brand or other subsidiary brand name/ logo. This includes, but is not limited to, using commissioned work in portfolios, prints, merchandise, etc.

  • I maintain the right to turn down any commission(s) I don't feel comfortable doing.

  • I can issue a full refund at any point if I no longer feel comfortable working with a client.​​

  • I maintain the right to move forward with the commission once I send a work in progress. I will give you a grace period that is reasonable (always around 5hrs) If I receive no response, I will move forward to complete the piece.

As the client:

  • The client is 18 years or older. I cannot legally do business with minors per Paypal policy.

  • The client will only receive a DIGITAL COPY of the artwork, no shipping will be involved unless discussed beforehand.​

  • The client may request anonymity on their commission both in the queue and in the gallery if desired.

  • The client may post and host the artwork they commission wherever they see fit, as long as credit and a link-back is given.

  • The client is allowed to print it out to hang or make things for your own personal use.

  • The client agrees that they cannot sell the artwork for profit or reproduce the image in any way to sell.

  • The client may modify or color their commission as long as credit is given where it is due.



I accept commission slots via SUBSTAR or public, however, you may email me at any time for a quote.
I don't reserve a commission slot if you aren't ready to pay or you don't have references ready.
​Your commission will be void and your slot will be given up to the next interested client.

Once I accept your commission, I will contact you requesting your PayPal address so I can send an invoice.
References: Picture reference is
REQUIRED for characters, I will not take descriptions.

Rates vary depending complexity. The rates in the RATES page are the base price. 

payments and refunds

Payment is required to confirm a commission spot. Once your commission is approved I will let you know and then you can send payment. All payment is upfront on the part of the commissioner.

Full refunds are ONLY eligible if I can no longer work with a client.

No refunds eligible once work has started. I can recycle the sketch or progress on canceled commissions. 

I am willing to work with clients if they are unhappy with their service or product. Please do not open a PayPal dispute without contacting me beforehand. I will take legal action if I feel I am being taken advantage of. The client is responsible for their own financial situation. I do not issue refunds for the client's failure to manage personal finances and/or obligations.


  • I don't take weird fetish commissions. My policy is pretty much if you have to ask then I am probably going to respectfully decline it.

  • If you need examples (Gore, excrement, wonder bread, inflation, etc)

  • If your idea falls anywhere near that. Then you are wasting my time and yours.

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