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Ivonne "Eva" Castello: Eva is a former friend of Angelia (Pelo). Angelia and Eva were “witch sisters.” They became close friends during the summer. Things changed when Darcy moved back to her hometown. Shortly, Eva gets in a lot of trouble and expelled from her school. Pelo abruptly cuts ties with her, in favor of her childhood friend. Eva sees it as a betrayal of the sisterhood they had.    

She has a take no shit exterior, but she is very tolerant with people. She was once told that she had a nice butt by a nerdy guy, she liked his confidence and how forward he was. No one ever told her that before. She liked that and became friends with him.

At home, she reads Grimoires, Demonology and Mysticism booklets. Likes anything of the Occult for historic reference. She tells herself that she doesn’t believe in th
ese kinds of things, but when she can’t explain something she goes to one these areas for an explanation. 

Birthday:  ‎April ‎10

Height: 5'6"

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